Let’s Get Started!

VuePoint tripods aren’t rocket science, but there is a slight learning curve. The key item is to make sure you have properly locked the legs before adding your expensive camera equipment. Properly locking the legs refers to the friction lock that you create when extending the legs forcefully. When extended with sufficient force, the tripod legs are able to safely maintain the stated weight recommendations of the tripod. To do that, please observe the following:

  • When using your VuePoint tripod for the first time, practice setting it up and taking it down prior to putting any equipment on top. Do this repeatedly, at least 5-10 times! You should be learning the amount of force necessary to sufficiently lock the legs. 
  • Once you feel comfortable with the amount of force you need to apply to properly lock the legs and are ready to set up to use the tripod with your equipment, follow these three steps: 1) lock the tripod legs properly as you learned by practicing, 2) confirm that the tripod legs are locked by adding weight that is above and beyond the weight of your camera gear, and finally 3) put your equipment on the tripod and before releasing, do a final confirmation that the legs are locked by pressing down on the top of the tripod to add additional weight.
  • When you are comfortable that the tripod is in a locked position, you can then begin your photography process

Additional Weight Recommendations and Pointers:

  • Do NOT go past the stated weight recommendations on this website! If you do decide to use equipment that surpasses the weight recommendations, or would like to modify the tripod to handle more weight, please be aware that you do this at your own risk. VuePoint tripods were designed with specific weight recommendations in mind.
  • Those weight recommendations are:
    Max recommended total weight: 4.5lb / 2kg (or 6.5lb / 3kg with ballhead upgrade)
    Max recommended lens weight: 2lbs / 0.9kg (or 2.5lb / 1.1kg with ballhead upgrade)
    Max recommended weight on hook: 7lbs / 3kg
  • VuePoint tripods have been shown in our testing videos to hold weights substantially beyond these limits. That does NOT imply that VuePoint tripods can be safely used beyond weight recommendations. If you do decide to modify or use equipment beyond these recommendations, please be aware that you do this at your own risk.

Watch the video below for information regarding setting up the tripods and other VuePoint quirks and features.